Welcome to Le Domaine Intranet.

The Le Domaine intranet is intended as an on-line information service for residents’ reference. Initially it is considered as an addition to and extension of but not a replacement for the Le Domaine Handbook which is in hard copy format and available to all residents. In due course it will replace the Handbook. Day to day information of activities, events, services etc, will continue to be available via regular e-mails and our in-house TV channel; emergency information will also be available via cell phone SMS.

Whereas the Handbook endeavours to point residents in the right direction on most aspects of everyday life in Le Domaine by providing contact details etc, the intranet will provide more detail of a number of these, typically, detailed bus timetable, laundry information and full information of medical services available at the Care Centre.

Monthly financial updates will be provided culminating in the full financial statements issued at the AGM together with the relevant minutes, as well as the quarterly minutes issued by the Trustees.

We welcome our new residents and suggest they use the following links to obtain access to “Emergency Numbers” and “Body Corporate Contacts-Staff“; this we hope will help you to feel at home and know who is available to help.

A “classified “ section allowing residents to offer goods and services for sale as well as a ‘wanted’ section will be included. These will be subject to certain rules regarding time allowed for advertising and will rely on residents to provide feedback if this arrangement is to be successful. It is stressed that only advertising specific to Le Domaine will be permitted i.e. no advertising etc, from outside the Estate.